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Pesta Hijab Tutorials


Wedding is coming up or a formal party? Are you confused regarding what to do with your hijab styles? Well you ladies need not to worry any longer. Hijabs (scarf) can be worn in various styles that will give u a trendy look in a traditional way.

The change for wearing hijab is evolving as part of most of people’s dressing. For Muslims, hijab represents a particular culture. It is considered as a modesty showing one’s faith in Allah. It covers the head and chest of a woman.

Hijabs are worn in a proper procedure, not merely to cover head and neck, and when it’s about going at parties etc. then girls need to make sure that they follow the correct procedure and look elegant too at the same moment, rather than being confused thinking what to do with their hijab.

Well, there are various types of hijabs worn in different styles. They are such as

  • Burqa
  • Abaya
  • Bushiyya
  • Bukhnuk

I’ve come up with different styles of pesta (party) hijabs that will make you look gorgeous and trendy in the easiest way.  You must be thinking that how can Hijab be styled for parties and weddings. No need to worry at all. Today I will display some of the best styles for pesta hijab in the form of tutorials. These styles are created while experimenting using different fabric types and grace it up with jewelry and other stuff. Brooches and hair bands is a good option. You will find many unique designs of brooches which enhance your look in Hijab. Not only this you can use bright colors for such occasions which give you a feel of celebration. Not only this a pair of stilettos will look perfect as high heels will make you look elegant and gorgeous.

I know women you strongly follow Hijab in their dressing will find all these styles quite weird but the fact is you can’t look simple when it comes to celebration.

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Pesta Hijab Tutorials Cara Memakai Jilbab Pashmina Sifon Bunga Simple


Pesta Hijab Tutorials hqdefault


Pesta Hijab Tutorials Purple 2


Pesta Hijab Tutorials tutorial cantik pashmina metalik untuk pesta


Pesta Hijab Tutorials tutorial hijab paris two tone untuk pesta


Pesta Hijab Tutorials tutorial hijab pesta pashmina dengan bros kupu kupu


Pesta Hijab Tutorials tutorial hijab pesta praktis dan elegan




Pesta Hijab Tutorials cara memakai hijab segitiga modis 632


Pesta Hijab Tutorials original


Pesta Hijab Tutorials unnamed

I hope these tutorials proved to be helpful for you ladies; and can now style yourself elegantly in multiple ways.  You can also create your own styles through experimenting; for that you can use beads, jewellery, fancy laces etc. etc. Besides these tutorials, there are many other available on internet too to help you tie scarves in most stylish way.

So Hurry Up Ladies! What are you waiting for? Now its time for you to try out these styles of wrapping scarf and no more be confused 😉

But don’t forget to drop in your feedback in the comments section. Also share your experience if any.