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Tutorial Jilbab for Girls


Jilbab is an Arabic term which is used for hijab, covering your full body except your hands, head and face. Jilbab is like a long coat or jacket which is loose and fit on your body. Those who wear jilbab are of the belief that they are fulfilling the Islamic demand for hijab.  They then wear scarfs on their heads and some also cover their hands by gloves. Some cover their faces too. but, in Indonesia, the word jilbab is used for head scarf. It does not include the long coat covering the full body.

You can prepare your jilbab yourself or you can buy it from the market.

Tutorial Jilbab:

Are you interested in wearing jilbab? Are you searching for ways and styles to wear it? You can carry jilbab in a way suiting to your personality and according to your own choice. You can wear it the way, it suits you. You should consider your face-cut and, should wear a jilbab which enhances your personality and grooms you. If you are wearing a jilbab which suits your personality and your features, you will feel more confident and protected while moving in the society. You will feel a sense of protection and modesty. You will not have to think about the people watching you. Here are some jilbal tutorials which will provide you with several ways, you can carry jilbab. These tutorials will guide you to wear jilbab and, to be trendy, stylish and fashionable. They will prove to be a helping hand for you.


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1:Tutorial Jilbab for Girls Modern And Beautiful

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