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Types of Kaftans


Kaftan or Caftan means a long dress or a front button coat that usually reaches to ankles with wide long sleeves that is worn by ladies. The main purpose of Kaftan is to cover the whole body. The concept of Kaftan is introduced first in Middle East.  Kaftans are part of latest trend in eastern and  western  countries.  With advancement of time and arrival of new styles modifications are also seen in Stylish Kaftans.  With ever changing fashion trends a huge change is seen in length, styles and cuts of Kaftans.

Types of Kaftans Kaftan bintang

Formal  kaftans

Formal kaftans are made of fancy clothes like silk, lace, cotton and linens with deliberate insertion of tussels , stones and beads. Fancy kaftans are even embellished with embroidery .Elaborately decorated Kaftans serve as stylish an elegant dresses for evening and night functions.

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Informal kaftans

Informal kaftans are made of mud cloth and batik materials but number of versatile cuts and stunning styles have won the heart of patrons.Types of Kaftans Screenshot 5


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Types of Kaftans

Kaftans are available in variety of types and classical styles according to the choice of customers and trend in different countries.

Moroccon Kaftans

Morrocan kaftans are also known as Takchita. It is traditional women wear for occasions like wedding ceremonies and parties.  Takchita comprises of two pieces. Simple dress as first layer but second layer is over dress of ornately decorated fabric . They can be dressy informal or extremely formal depending on stuff used.Types of Kaftans kk


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Southeast Asian Kaftans

Southeast Asian kaftans are available in variety of cuts and styles. Kaftans of long length with bright color schemes are worn for both formal and informal wear. Southeast kaftans with bell shape sleeves and short length are worn by ladies on tights, trousers and jeans. Southeast kaftans are available in variety of stuffs, blended colors and beautiful embroidery to grab attention of customers.

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Types of Kaftans jubah

Types of Kaftans Kaftans2

Russian Kaftans

Russian kaftans are available as long suit with tight sleeves. Russian kaftans are designed for both man and women.

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Western Kaftans

Western Kaftans are common in West Africa. Western kaftans are worn by men and they comprises of kaftan suit with matching pants. Western Kaftans for ladies are made of casual and cool stuffs.Types of Kaftans Screenshot 4

In short KAFTANS are available in variety of cuts and styles that really appealed to customers and provide opportunities to select one of their own choice.

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