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Now a days Hijab is very much in trend these days as it reflects the Islamic values. Many Islamic countries has made wearing hijab compulsory but some non Muslim countries passed the law of banning it. According to Islam, women should cover their head and wear “hijab” which means covering yourself properly. Hijab is one of the source used to cover your head, shoulders and neck except your face. It helps the women to walk freely and feel comfortable. It is taken by both young and old women. Normally 80% of the women wear Hijab. The trend of hijab is changing from area to area and culture to culture.

There are many fashionable and modern ways to wear the head scarfs (hijab) depending upon the choice and taste. Designers are now trying to give a new look to it with the passage of time. They are changing their style, accessories and stuff to make it look more glamorous. This is becoming the fashion statement for Muslim countries. There is wide range of colors and designs in hijab. While you are choosing he hijab, keep in mind that it will not only suit you but it also gives a complete new look to your personality.

There are many ways to carry hijab in modern era depending on the season and fabric. It may be worn casually and as well as on any formal occasion. It is worn by working ladies, students and as well as housewives. It is also worn in parties, religious occasions and also in weddings. There are a variety of unique hijab styles like platted, twisted, fancy and knotted which are available in market for all woman who are fond of hijabs. They will select according to their looks and needs. So here we present some of the unique hijab styles which are being in trend these days.

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