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Useful Make up Tips for Wedding Events

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The wedding day, the day every girl dreams about and is her day to be perfect and have all attention focused on her, is her day to shine and amaze everyone. That’s why in this day everything must be about her and her only! So here are some useful tips on how to have a great make on your wedding.

You spent many time choosing the perfect dress you always dreamed about, the white magic flowers and the style you want your hair done, well don’t let the make to ruin it all. Incase you don’t have it clear in your mind about how your want your make up done then search into magazines or go online and check every make up that you desire, is your day, you can have whatever you want.
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The best think you can do is deciding from before how you want your lipstick, eye shadows and all that so you will not feel like your day is ruined only because you can’t make up your mind about make up.

First of all use a face cleaner for your skin and so you can get started. For the dark cycles under eye the best thing to do is using the opposite of the eye shadow that is used up, which usually is lighter and so it will make the dark cycles less obvious.

Next step is the powder, it must fit perfectly to your face skin and color so it will give you the natural look but also full of life.

A light blush on your cheeks and your face just shine!

Next step is the lipstick, after choosing the color you desire, doing the lip shade and all that don’t forget in the end to apply a gloss, it will look amazing.

If you want to put fake eyelashes then remember single eye lashes are the better one as they resist longer.