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Various Muslim Women Dress


Islam is a complete way of life. Allah Almighty  has designed each and every aspect of life so that healthy and and peaceful society should flourish. A society where all human beings can freely enjoy their lives without any evils. Dress is the depiction of your culture. Someone has truly said that a dress can change the entire personality of a person. Islam has defined a dress code for both men and women in terms of protecting their private as well as public life and also a way to maintain someone’s honor and dignity. Here we are going to discuss various muslim women dress which they wear in different parts of the world. As Islam just describes the rule but not not the styles and colors.


Various Muslim Women Dress hijab

It is a rectangular or square piece of fabric which which covers head, neck and chest. It is folded and placed our head and fastened under the chin just like head scarf. It has many styles and different types of fabric are used according to weather and environment. In some countries it is called shylah or tarhah. It doesn’t cover the face. It is preferable in European countries and almost all parts of the world.


Various Muslim Women Dress abaya

It is like a cloak which Muslim women wear over their dress and fully cover their dress. The sleeves are also loose. It covers shoulders, arms waist and legs. Some women cover their face with a separate piece of cloth on it while others only take hijab which just cover hair, ears, neck and head. Hands and feet are usually not covered. To make it stylish embroidery and laces are also in fashion. Different colors are also in use but most of the women prefer black abayas. In Gulf countries usually abaya is preferable.


Various Muslim Women Dress khimar

It is a particular type of scarf which not only covers head and neck but also extends up to the waist. It covers almost half of the body. But the dress is visible in khimar.

Topi Burqa

Various Muslim Women Dress topi burqa

In this type of veil all body head including eyes are covered. Afghani women wear this type of hijab. The eyes are being covered with a mesh screen made of wool. Women can even cover their hand in burqa too.


It is like a long coat similar to abaya but slightly tight then abaya. It is worn in variety of colors and styles.


Various Muslim Women Dress naqab

It is a veil which covers the whole face but eyes are not covered. You can wear abaya with it.

Shalwar Kameez


In East, most of the women wear shalwar kameez with dupata. It is a loose dress. But they keep it in mind that all the parts of body should be decently covered.


Various Muslim Women Dress chador

Some Women take a big chaddar with their dress to cover themselves.

Every dress has its own beauty and honor. So always keep in mind the atmosphere and tradition while you are choosing a dress.