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Wavy Hair, do it yourself

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Wavy Hair is an amazing look to every girl, easy to do it it’s all about techniques but also it depends on the length of your hair and the haircut also. Wavy hairs are easier done at long hair or medium so for all your girls who have this length of hair and want to look like Ashley Green and many other famous actresses here is the secret.
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This time of hair style needs less than an hour to be done, it’s easy and the final result is worth the time. If you have very straight hair than using some solution that will give your hair volume and will make the wavy hair stay longer do that by laying your had upside down, if you have very curly hair than you might need to straight them a little bit so it will be easier to make the wavy hair look as you desire.

Hair can get easily burn by using the hair straighter so you should put some spray to protect your hair. The best way to do the wavy hair is by using the clipless curling, it will just make your hair the way you want them to be, straight the hair near the root but and by the ends make the curly tighter.

While you curl your hair make sure not to curl them near the end, otherwise the wavy hair will look curlier. Make sure to keep it for about ten seconds so it will take the shape you desire because by keeping it less it will lose the shape within few minutes , also use spray once in awhile in case your hair are very straight. Wrap your hair around the clipless curling and do that in different directions so it will look more natural.

For the final look use a shine booster just to make them shine and give the natural look, don’t use too much as it will look slick after. A spry with vitamin E is recommended. After that use the hair spryer and that’s how wavy hair are done.