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Why Wear Abaya Designs in Color

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Breaking the monotony of black abayas, colored abaya designs have come into existence. True it is that you can never go wrong choosing black color for abayas, everyone likes a change once in a while. I bet there are sisters out there looking for such a change. In this weather, switching from black to other equally sober and decent colours of the sacred clothing is definitely a great idea, for there is no denying what a large amount of heat black colours absorb. Black is least helpful for you in this extreme, sweltering heat.

In fact, we have already seen women turn to chocolate brown, off white and navy blue abayas in the past couple of years. This year, in 2015, the colored abayas fashion is really catching up, and its sales are expected go up several folds in 2016 and the years to come. After all, the point is to cover yourself up modestly, which certainly does not mean you can’t use other colors to do the job.

Latest Trend of Abaya Designs in Color

Initially, colored abayas used to be quite simple. A loose, gorgeous piece of clothing preferably made out of jersey material, with tight fitted sleeves. But more recently, the abaya designers, watching the success of colored abayas have been more creative, decorating them with light stone work without making them look too shiny and showy as to not attract a lot of attention. This is done for the sake of costumers who expressed their wish to have a wider range of variety from which to choose. The designers have also worked on making these abayas slightly more stylish looking by making them in Arab-abaya style and umbrella styles. Abayas with belts and abayas with gathers around the waist look very stylish and appeal especially to young girls. While they are a perfect choice for regular wear, they are equally suitable to be worn at informal gatherings to change your style a little. Colored abayas are widely liked by Muslim girls and women these days even though many found the idea of abayas being in any other color than black repulsive back in the day. Encouraged by their ever increasing sales, the designers have put in quite a lot of work and come up with this absolutely amazing, brand new collection of colored abaya designs.

The entire collection of these latest abaya designs you can find on our website. We also make sure to keep updating the website to include any new designs that are released. You may scroll through our website at your leisure and pick abayas that match your taste in the comfort of your home, before actually going out to buy them. No one knows better than women how much easier and shorter the trip to the market becomes if you know exactly what you want when you get there! Enjoy picking your favorite colored abaya designs!

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