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Winter Makeup


During the winter the makeup changes a bit from the summer makeup, you can’t use the colorful makeup which you’re used in the summer. Here are some tips on how to do a great winter makeup.

The trends for winter tend to be dark, you have to say goodbye to the glitter and colorful eyeshadows now is time for brown, neutral colors black for a dramatic look, or dark green. Brown makeup is a good choice for all eye colors. If your eyes are blue then brown will just make your eyes look even bigger and show the beauty of blue color combined with brown. If your eyes are brown then a neutral brown make up, with eyeliner to add a dipper look into your eyes is perfect for this season, as it is shown in the picture below.

Winter Makeup  Bobby Brown Makeup 300x268   Winter Makeup

During the autumn and especially winter the tan you have got during the summer has probably faded so you will need  bronzer, don’t take it too dark because it will look fake,  take the bronzer close to your skin color, just a little bit darker and apply it in your cheeks.

Another important fact about winter is that you can always use blush, if you don’t look the bronze look in the winter you can use the natural pink blush for a better skin color. If you want to have a sweet look then go for blush with a slight makeup.

Winter Makeup  how to apply blush 265x300   Winter Makeup  Pink Blush 300x199

Winter Sun. Don’t forget that even though is winter in the middle east is still a bit sunny, not as strong as summer but still you can get slight tan, take care of your skin and avoid staying too much outside in case your skin get red.