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Women’s Khaleeji Abayas



Khaleeji Abayas are traditional abayas which are worn by Middle Easter Khaleeji women . Women’s Khaleeji Abayas are especially designed for Muslim ladies but their main purpose is to cover the body to give women modest look. Khaleeji abayas are designed according to cultural and religious priorities but now they are available in new styles and amazing patterns.

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Women’s Khaleeji Abayas are like a long clock produced from single piece of cloth. They cover all regions of body below shoulders except hands and feet. Khaleeji abayas are available in dark colors but trend  of black color is always at peak. Khaleeji abayas are also available in other vibrant colours which seems attractive.Women’s Khaleeji Abayas r

Styles of Khaleeji Abayas

Khaleeji Abayas are available in different styles, Belts, tussels, bows, stones, sashes and fringes are used as accessories to give abayas sleek and stylish appearance.  Khaleeji abayas are designed for both casual and party wears. Arab ladies prefer to wear Khaleeji abayas on both formal and informal occasions.

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Khaleeji Abayas for Party wear

Women’s Khaleeji abayas for party wear are vry stylish and fashionable. New cuts, modified styles and eye-catching features grabs attraction of ladies.  For parties and wedding ceremonies simple black abaya with a lot of heavy golden or silver jewelry on neckline and sleeves are part of latest trend.


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Simple black Khaleeji abayas are also modified with insertion of colorful velvet patches of expensive motifs and tussels to give new look to ladies.

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Black Khaleeji abayas  are also adorned with colorful belts  tied in distinct patterns to give unique look to ladies.

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Khaleeji Abayas for Casual wear

Casual wear khaleeji abayas comprise of simple black abayas with light  and least embroidery on necline and sleeves. These abayas are designed according to comfort of women.Women’s Khaleeji Abayas B37 1

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In short  Women’s Khaleeji abayas are available in huge variety for All Occasion Wears in Arab countries  which provide opportunity to Arab ladies to buy abayas according to their choice,  religion and cultural demands.