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Yoga for Beautiful Glowing Skin


Cosmetics provides many creams for beautiful skin, glowing skin and all that but thinking on the money you have to spend to achieve that, well I guess is that what makes us think twice before going to cosmetics centers and work on our skin, but not anymore. We are about to show you how you can achieve on having a beautiful skin with no cosmetics but with only yoga moves and tips. Yoga is known for its fitness and flexibility but in the same time it helps with blood pressure and breathing, so the key to have a good looking body, flexible, and a glowing skin, is definitely Yoga.

1. There are many different types of yoga moves but plough posture it is known for the amazing results on blood flow and effects on skin and brain also face and under eyes area, black circles. If you do this on regular bases for about a week, you’ll tell the difference.

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2. Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga. It’s called like that because it makes you sweat a lot and also the temperature of the room must be quiet high when doing this kind of yoga. It helps with skin because it helps on cleaning the skin by sweating. Beginners’ can have this a bit difficult because of the temperature and can feel a bit dizzy but with practice and time passing by you’d get use to and why not, start loving it!

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3.Pranayama. Less stress means better skin. That’s why this kind of yoga will help you to relax and help with sleeping problems. Pranayama is known for the amazing results of stress because of breathing techniques that needs. While practicing this kind of yoga, focus on your breathing and just set your mind free, whenever a thought or idea comes in your mind, push it way by re-focusing on your breathing, this way you’ll feel separated from anything that cause you tress and everything that affect negatively on you.

Yoga for Beautiful Glowing Skin

Try to always choose quiet places while practicing yoga, you can do that on the comfort of your house or just attend yoga classes. If you liked music you can also put some relaxing music, I’d suggest music with the ocean waves sound, I have found a good one on youTube if you interested just drop me a message or leave a comment and I’ll make sure to answer back. Enjoy yoga for a better glowing skin.